What to Know About Certified Pre-Owned Cars

Used cars can be generally classified into two groups: those that are certified and those that are not certified. Certified pre-owned cars may be revamped to enable them to appear as pristine as ever. Let’s take a deep dive into what a certified pre-owned car means.

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What does “certified pre-owned” imply?

he certified pre-owned designation means that the car is vented via a dealership or manufacturer initiative that sets certain requirements for its second-hand vehicle on sale. This designation applies to all chassis types, including SUVs, minivans, or trucks. Several CPO initiatives screen cars based on age and mileage. Another common stipulation is that the car must not have a major damage record.

How are used and certified pre-owned cars differentiated?

1. Location of sale

Used cars are sold at a number of various venues such as private parties, rental car companies, hire-purchase enterprises, and second-hand car dealers. You can only find CPO cars at dealerships; never sold by individual outlets.

2. Warranty

Whereas a certified pre-owned car may come with warranty protection issued by the dealer or manufacturer, a used car may come without a warranty.

3. Assessments and refurbishing

Used cars may enjoy variable levels of assessments and refurbishing before being put up for sale. With certified pre-owned cars, the vendor assures the buyer that a comprehensive evaluation and revamp has been performed.

4. Age and mileage

With CPO cars, recent models with lower figures on the odometer are qualified for the designation. Used cars, however, are available in all ages and mileage readings.

What can I watch out for with certified pre-owned cars?

1. Price

CPO vehicles may have higher prices as they tend to be pricier than used cars due to the higher cost of assessment and refurbishing. Expect to shell out a few hundred dollars than the same model that isn’t certified.

2. Eligibility

Availability is restricted to model recentness. Many certified pre-owned vehicle programs are only available for a few models. For instance, eligibility for Ford CPO programs is granted for vehicles that are less than six years old.

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