Simple Tips for Driving in the Snow

Even when the roads are covered in snow, you still have places to go. In order to get around town as safely as possible this winter, there are a few words of advice you can follow. Here are simple tips for driving in the snow:

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Before you even pull out of the driveway, check your tire tread and pressure. Your tires can make your experience driving in the snow easier or more difficult depending on tread and pressure. The better your tread, the easier your tires will grip the road below, even if you’re driving over snow and slush. Additionally, proper tire pressure will allow you to get from here to there without risking getting a flat tire. Tire pressure can drop in colder weather, and tire pressure that is too low can cause your tire to go flat. If your tires are running low on air, fill them at your earliest convenience. If you notice your tire pressure still drops, even after filling your tires, you may have a puncture that needs to be patched up or a tire that needs to be replaced.

The next simple tip for winter weather driving is making sure you have an ice scraper in your car. Ice and snow can cover your windshield and make it impossible to see. When using a scraper to remove ice and snow, you can improve your visibility and you don’t have to worry about ruining your windshield wipers in an attempt to clear your windshield.

Don’t forget to go under your hood this winter. Changing your oil and antifreeze can help improve your vehicle’s performance this season. A battery inspection can also help you make sure your vehicle will be able to start with ease. Batteries that are nearing the end of their lifespan are more likely to fail in cold weather. Have your battery inspected and consider replacing it this winter.

With these tips you can safely drive this winter. To discover the perfect car for the cold weather, shop with NY Luxury Motors at 129 Hempstead Turnpike in Elmont, New York!

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