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What are the companies that you are associated to offer us with Lending Services?

Several of the top US lenders are associated to us and expect to receive the best deal possible from them.

Are you offering financing yourself?

We aren’t offering financial services. However, we can help you get financing using our association with several top US lenders.

Are you selling vehicles outside US?

No, we aren’t selling vehicles outside US at this moment.

How often is your list of new and used cars updated?

NY Luxury Motors keeps on adding cars to its listing at least once every day.

Can I expect to receive warranties, if I choose used cars from your stock?

If you opt for certified cars, there will be warranties and performance similar to a new car on offer. For further details on warranties, contact our customer care executives.

If I do not find a car on your site, can you help me locate it?

We keep on updating our stock with different vehicles on a regular basis. If your desired car is not there right now, it might come along in the next update. To assure that you do not miss out, you can submit an application using our CarFinder tool. The details provided will help our executives to contact you, when a car close to your requirements arrives at our dealership.

Why are some vehicles in your listing without detailed description?

At times, we just post the vehicles at our site, as it arrives in our dealership and further update the details later on. In case you do not see any description at that moment, you might find the description after some time during a later update.

How is the auto prices here is lower than several Queens Auto Dealers?

At NY Luxury Motors, there are lower overhead expenses compared to most dealers in Queens. Thus, our prices are quite low.

How is there a huge and diverse selection of cars in this site?

We have a lot of vehicles getting added to our inventory on a regular basis to ensure that the needs of everyone across Queens as well as other parts of the state and nation is met completely.

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