Some Facts To Know Before Going Electric

You’re ready. Today is the day that you eliminate trips to the pump for gasoline and do your part to help lower harmful emissions. You’re going electric! The market and accessibility of EVs (Electric Vehicles) are rapidly changing the face of the automotive industry. Before you schedule a test drive and ditch the gas can, there are a few things you should know. We chose some helpful facts that any prospective buyer should know.

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4 Things to Look for When Buying an SUV

Practicality and necessity are important factors to consider when purchasing a vehicle. Depending on what it’s used for, an SUV can deliver on both. As one of the most popular vehicles on the road today, it’s replaced both the minivan and station wagon as the ideal family vehicle. Choosing the right make and model all comes down to what features are best suited for your needs. So before you take that test drive, here are 4 deciding factors that will make shopping a lot easier.

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How to Buy a Used Car

When it comes to buying a used car, you’ve probably already decided that you want to be the owner. You don’t want to deal with paying off your car or trading it in later on. Many people go through route for many reasons and it can either be an exciting experience or one that leaves you feeling like a sucker. That’s why it’s important to know what you’re doing when buying a used car. Here’s how:

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Finance a 2018 Mercedes C-Class

Mercedes Benz has remained the most luxurious car over the years for a reason. The makers of Mercedes Benz cars put a lot of thought into the functionality and performance of these cars without compromising on sleekness. Now you too can own one of these. At NY Luxury Motors, we believe that you can get the best of both worlds with our financing options for the 2018 Mercedes Benz.

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Towing Capacity Guide

An automobile’s towing capacity is defined as the absolute weight limit that the vehicle can safely pull. In order to determine towing capacity, the full Gross Combined Vehicle Weight Rating (GCVWR) of the vehicle you plan to tow with and the trailer you plan to tow need to be known. You must take the number of passengers, amount of baggage, and even the windshield wiper fluid into consideration. You need to know the curb weight, which is the tow vehicle’s weight when filled with fuel, and every additional fluid used while driving as well. If you subtract the auto’s curb weight from the GCVWR, you can determine the towing capacity. Some common vocabulary terms regarding towing are listed below.

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All Wheel Drive or Four Wheel Drive?

If you’re in the market for a new car, you have a lot of choices to make. One of those choices has to do with whether you need all wheel drive or four wheel drive. Making that decision needs to be one of the earliest decisions you make, because choosing what type of drive you need may influence your choice of a car. Here’s more information about four wheel drive versus all wheel drive.

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