Best BMWs of 2016 to Consider

Known for lustrous shine and a fine blend of masculine and feminine beauty, this German brand is always a sight to behold in the shapes and many forms of its models, particularly the shapes of the BMW model in 2016. 2016 stands out as the year for BMW lovers and there are some models to compare and then, make a choice from the lot. In no particular order, we will examine them.

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A hardcore ready-to-race BMW model was BMW’s strategy for wiping out the slight failings of the M3 and the M4 in capturing the hearts of customers who had their hopes hinged on expectations of solid execution. Packed in its engine is 493 horsepower in a 3L twin-turbocharged I6 engine; water-injection functionality helps cool this powerful engine. The chassis of this beauty sits on 20” beautifully designed wheels and in its cabin, backseats were replaced with a roll cage to protect you in accident scenarios; other features with definite benefits it comes with are carbon fiber aerodynamics and a manually-adjustable suspension.

The BMW G30 5 Series

If it has the shape of a corporate sedan for your work commute and also for office meetings around town, it is the BMW G30. It ushers the one behind the wheel into driving dynamics that cruises higher than that of its predecessor in the 5 series. With its look, it leads BMW lovers a step closer to its original roots and right into the know-how of the shaping of its vehicles from the get-go.

The BMW M2

Snagging “the cutest of them all” title, the M2 upends almost every other sports car on earth. It is famous for being one of the most popular sports car, a given considering its speed, fierce look, svelte shape and an N55 3L turbocharged I6 engine (at 365 horsepower) which helps it easily break wind when on the go. Just as planned for this model, it is the car that puts a smile on your face in 4.0 to 4.2 seconds as it accelerates from 0-60mph with absolute ease.

The BMW i3

This electric hatchback has a 56.66% improved battery capability from its previous version: from a 60 Ah battery pack to a 94 Ah battery pack. This leads up to a performance improvement from 81 miles of range (averaging 60-70 miles for most customers) to 114 miles of range.

The BMW M760Li xDrive

Mention the M760Li xDrive to a Mercedes executive and you will understand why this ride is regarded as BMW’s response to Mercedes-AMG’s S65. Bold and a bit sleek, it crams a 6.6L twin-turbocharged V12 engine in its bonnet which has that assured capability of delivering massive horsepower of 600hp and a torque of 590 lb-ft. Its speed is really noticeable and almost unmatched at 0-60mph in 3.6seconds as stated by BMW.

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