Benefits of Buying a Certified Preowned Nissan

When a dealership says a car is preowned, that is a fancy way of saying used. One of the main differences between used and certified preowned is that in most cases the dealer or the manufacturer themselves have inspected the vehicle for damage and wear and tear before they put the car on the market. Company’s started calling used items certified preowned or refurbished because of the stigma attached to the word used when referring to an item for sale. Instead of trying to work against the stigma, dealerships opted to show that their preowned vehicles were a safe and more economic option by certifying them after full-system checks and fixing any issues that were present.

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Preowned Cars Are Full of Perks

Buying a certified preowned Nissan can be a great buy. This is true for a few different reasons. Certified preowned cars have similarities to used cars, but it is the differences that set them apart. One difference is the type of inspection that each vehicle goes through. Each maker has a slightly different process. For example, Nissan’s must go through 167 points of inspection. They also have an age and mileage limit to qualify.

Certified preowned vehicles are inspected before they are purchased, as well as after they are purchased from the original owner. Anything that is worn out or malfunctioning gets replaced or fully repaired so that the new owner gets the perks of having a functional vehicle that, if well maintained, can last them another 100,000 miles or more.

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