All Wheel Drive or Four Wheel Drive?

If you’re in the market for a new car, you have a lot of choices to make. One of those choices has to do with whether you need all wheel drive or four wheel drive. Making that decision needs to be one of the earliest decisions you make, because choosing what type of drive you need may influence your choice of a car. Here’s more information about four wheel drive versus all wheel drive.

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Four Wheel vs. All Wheel

In the all wheel drive (or AWD) system, the drive train works to send the torque from the engine back and forth between the wheels on the front and the wheels on the rear of your car. You don’t have to do anything but drive the car, because your car shifts the torque automatically. Engineers invented all wheel drive to maintain traction for your car automatically. If one of the wheels should slip on water or ice, for example, the car automatically moves more power to that wheel. Many cars, crossover cars, and SUVs use this system. It is also available on some truck models.

In a four wheel drive system, you have more control over when your drivetrain shifts power. While the all wheel drive is used in all kinds of weather, cars with four wheel drive are usually meant to use the drive function to go off road. When you are on rough terrain, you will need a car with a four wheel drive capability that allows you to shift in and out of it.

If you love driving in all kinds of weather, you’ll want to choose the all wheel drive. All wheel drive cars are also more fuel efficient. However, if you love to go off the beaten path, you need to choose a vehicle with four wheel drive.

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